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About VmR


The lady behind VMR

A Lady who travelled across the countries to learn about the history of Spices, Mrs. Vasanthi Muralidharan, is the proud wife of an Army Officer, an avid traveller, and a passionate cook.

 Mrs. Vasanthi believes that the quality of each ingredient used in preparing the dish plays a significant role in one’s culinary experience. She loves to try different cuisines to experience the richness of every dish prepared in various countries. The experience of traveling across countries in search of spices boost her motivation to pave the way for people who love cooking. 

Mrs. Vasanthi started ‘Tiara Spices’ considering her love for cooking and her research on Spices.

Mrs. Vasanthi considers moral practices above anything and could not settle to anything less in terms of quality.

“A thriving trader is one who guards customers interest as his own” Thirukural by Thiruvalluvar

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